Welcome to our first blog everyone!

Welcome to our first blog everyone!

Today we sat down by a log fire in our favourite pub, our girls curled up on the sofa reading their books leaving Jamie and myself to chat, banter and brain-storm what we would like to achieve over the next 12 months.

On a personal level, Jamie is looking forward to publishing his children’s book (likely), lose some weight (possible) and get a dog (not a hope!). I would like to get our sister company successfully launched, focussed on personal printed frames as gifts – more about that in a future blog!, (likely), spend more time in the garden (possible) and persuade Jamie to join me in ‘learning to samba’ classes (he says not a hope!).

But what about from a business perspective?

Well we have come up with some fantastic goals which we are very enthused to go out there and achieve…and we would like to share them with you.

  1. For every customer to feel “wowed” by choosing us as their stationery provider.
  2. Create a Facebook page…look out it is coming soon!
  3. Populate our Pinterest and Instagram page with sample stationery for all the fantastic venues we have sketched.
  4. Continue using Twitterto let everyone know out latest developments and news and increase our followers – please follow us!
  5. Launch a new venue every month – watch this space!
  6. To constantly innovate – look at new colours, new typestyles, new designs, new ways of “wowing”!
  7. To continuously update our website and make this our shop-window to our followers.
  8. To continue developing our close relationships with both existing and new venues.
  9. To show-case our products at regular wedding exhibitions.
  10. To continue to love what we do and share our passion with customers, suppliers and friends in the sector.

So after a good bottle of wine (ok perhaps two!) a delicious Sunday Roast, and a nice walk back home we agreed on our top 10 goals. Roll on tomorrow so we can start on them! Let’s review them in 12 months to see how we fared!