Product - Guest comment Frame

Guest Signature Mount

About this product
One of our most popular items within our wedding stationery collection is the Guest Comments Frame. This features your commissioned sketch with sufficient space around the sketch for your guests to write a short loving or witty message.

What you get
The end result is a truly memorable keepsake of where your dream wedding was spent and your loved family and friends who were there to share your special day. This is supplied in a choice of four different sizes and in either black or white frames.

How it works
We provide cards for your guests that they can write on during the wedding breakfast (suggest these cards are placed on the dining table beforehand and a great time to remind them to fill them out is immediately after the speeches – a designated time usually means no one will forget, and is a good talking point amongst everyone at the table) You can ask your Wedding Co-ordinator to collect these or ask guests to ‘post’ in a box you have provided – this remains a popular choice.

When the cards are sent to us sometime after the wedding, we arrange the comments evenly around the sketch to look aesthetically pleasing. We do this by either typing the comments and using different styles of hand-writing font or we scan the original cards and use these.

What version do I choose? The scanned version is very personal because it is your guest’s actual handwriting. However, we sometimes find that some handwriting styles (Grandpas for example!) are hard to read, other comments may have some typos or it may be that if you have a large selection of comments, you might want to edit some of them, choosing a sentence, so that you have a comment on your final frame from as many guests as possible. This is where a typed version may be more appropriate as there is more flexibility in the editing.

Proofs are always provided before we finally print your treasured keepsake. Your original cards are also returned.

Size and Prices

25.5cm by 25.5cm
43.0cm by 53.0cm
53.0cm by 73.0cm
39.0cm by 94.5cm
81.5cm by 111.5cm