Dillington House Wedding Fayre, Ilminster, Somerset

Tuesday 6th September 2016 – Organised by “By Invitation Events”

What a fabulous warm sunny evening we had in store for the evening Wedding Fayre at Dillington House in Ilminster, Somerset – please check their dedicated website out at www.weddingvenueinsomerset.com. Michelle (www.facebook.com/michelle.beck.39) who runs By Invitation Events always puts on fantastic shows and we were looking forward to this one.

Driving through the gated entrance along a winding heavily tree lined driveway, I was not prepared for the sight that greeted me when the trees cleared. WOW!

Here was Dillington House in its full glory and it did not disappoint! It was like I’d travelled back through time as this grand building originates from 16th century. Simply stunning!

Dillington House Wedding Fayre

The next hour or so was spent setting up and catching up with some wedding suppliers which you get to meet and befriend from meeting at various wedding fayres. Then once the first couple comes through the door, it’s all go and the real reason we’re there kicks off!  This is the time when I feel the buzz of excitement from happy couples and wedding suppliers alike.  This makes you realise why you are in this business, so much love and happiness about

Dillington House Wedding Fayre 1

There’s the couples who have never been to a Fayre before, not knowing what to look at, what they should be looking for or what questions to be asking. There’s the groups of women, (brides, bridesmaids, sisters and mothers) who all have lots of questions, having done their group research on Pinterest, and then there’s the bride and groom at various stages in their planning for the big day but know what they need to be finding out about to tick off yet another box on their list!

I find a good listening ear essential and want to make the couples feel at ease and under no pressure for any commitment. I am always pleasantly surprised how involved the grooms are and this evening’s show did not disappoint. Illustrated Invitation’s style of stationery is all about our sketches of the venue, then using it as a theme to all the stationery products. The timeless detailed artwork always impresses the grooms in particular and both then enjoy discussing the colours to enhance the look of this style of stationery and match the theme of the wedding.

Dillington House Wedding Fayre 2

It felt so good to be meeting such a lot of lovely couples, sharing in a very small way some of their excitement of their forthcoming wedding, some of whom were getting married at Dillington House, some yet to make up their minds and some using other venues equally beautiful in their own unique way.

Noticeably, brides were still wanting to experience the ride with their father to a Church with the full service and photoshots walking down the aisle and then travelling to a spectacular venue afterwards, such as Dillington House, with their brand new husband to enjoy the wedding reception. We have such pretty old churches in the surrounding villages of Somerset, it is quite understandable. We also sketch churches for the purpose of an Order of Service – a product many guests hold onto as their little keepsake of the day.

Dillington House Wedding Fayre 3

The other entertainment and finale to this Fayre was a spectacular musical firework display, which I had been looking forward to all evening. It really was a fantastic way to finish a great evening! Many thanks to Stellar Fireworks. Our photograph below doesn’t do their show justice – check their site out at (www.stellarfireworks.co.uk), some amazing shots of the fireworks over Dillington House.

Dillington House Wedding Fayre 4

We will be doing this all over again at our next Wedding Fayre at the stunning Dillington House on Tuesday 28th March 2017.  We can’t wait – come and see us!
Pam @ Team Illustrated